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A present for you? Presents & Gifts has got it sorted. On this page you can find special things that are just for you, healthy gifts, nights out, nights in. Treat yourself to a gift and make you life just that little bit nicer. Because you're worth it. You can buy things that you may have seen on the TV or Film, or join a free dating agency. Why not treat yourself and feel better? Retail therapy never came kinder to your feet.

Home Gifts
Good Health
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steam pod healthy gift
Feather your nest with some great home entertainment packages. Nights in have never been this good!
The steam pod as seen on TV's 'The Salon' is this years hot news. It's a home sauna unit, needs no plumbing ans so is easy to fit in your home, the affordable price fits your pocket too. Luxury you deserve.
Treat yourself to the latest technology at discount prices.
gift for your home

When did a fan heater look this cool? This compact chrome upright heater is so stylish it will

treat yourself We would all love to upgrade our mobile phone. Look at all the brand new models, with
Your good health is your responsibility so treat yourself to something that
fit neatly into any room. And it will keep you warm in winter and has a cool air facility for summer. A gift for all seasons. Perfect!
Soft furnishings and decorative accessories ring the changes in your home . Cushions, curtains, candles, vases the choice is yours at John Lewis and Debenhams!
Good Health gift

must have features that you've just got to get. Check out low priced accessories, why not get a new fascia for an instant mobile makeover.
And don't forget that essential hands free kit for the car.
You can personalise your mobile phone with a signature ringtone.

will make you feel better. You'll find innovative and alternative products at 1st Vitality or for a more conventional approach visit Boots for all your health care needs. Choose a product to help yourself to better sleep, thicker hair or younger looking skin. Or check out eye care products online including coloured contacts.
Great Books
Great Presents
gift for you
a treat for me
Cool Gift
frosty beer mug
Curl up with a great book that's good for you. There are hundreds of books on personal development, like Dale Carnegie's classic 'Stop Worrying and Start Living'. Read the latest celebrity biography like 'Bravemouth, Living with Billy Connolly'. Relax with a classic romance or try Terry Pratchett's latest tale. Amazon have a great selection of books to choose from, many at discount prices and their service is fast and friendly.
Treat yourself to a great night out. You can buy theatre and concert tickets online at Check out what's available now and coming soon. Or planning a night in, get yourself some mood music for whatever mood you're in. Music on CD and DVD available at bargain prices from Woolworths. Check out the charts for inspiration, DVDs, videos and games available online.
Never punish yourself with warm beer again. Simply place the frosty mug in your freezer for about 1 hour, remove and fill. The ice tankard will make your warm beer cold, or stop your cold beer going warm. Looks good, tastes good, and may well do you good, so chill and relax. Visit The Sharp Edge for more self indulgent ideas.
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