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Computer Presents - Great Deals on new Computers

Buy a new computer for valentines

Whether or not you are technologically brilliant or not, this computer presents and gifts section has been created to help you find the right personal computer (PC) for your requirements. We've created a list of the buzzwords you'll come across when deciding upon a computer, including a guide on what components improve what functions within a computer system. We want to help you find the right computer for valentines, but remember ... a computer's for life, not just for valentines!

What computer components are ...

  • Processor - This is the central "brain" of the computer, and will be involved in every function the computer performs. You will hear two speed ratings relating to processors; Megahertz (MHz) and Gigahertz (GHz). There are one thousand Megahertz in a Gigahertz so the speed of a processor being 2600Mhz is the same as 2.6GHz. The higher the number then the faster the processor is. For a good computer for home you should be looking for a system to be at least 2000MHz or 2GHz.
  • Disk - This is computer's storage system within a computer where all your programs (games, word-processor etc) and data (letters, pictures, movies etc) are stored. Similar to a filing cabinet, the files are on the hard disk whether the computer is switched on or not. The size of disks is measured in Megabytes (MB) and Gigabytes (GB). There are one thousand Megabytes in a Gigabyte. You should be looking for your new computer system to have at least a 20GB disk.
  • Memory - When you are actually using a program or playing a game the memory (also called RAM) is being used, but when the computer is switched off the memory is wiped of all information. Think of computer memory as being like a human mind - when the brain is "switched off" then all information held within it is lost - that is the same as computer memory. Memory is measured in Megabytes and Gigabytes (as above). Your new computer system should have at least 128MB RAM but we recommend 256MB RAM.
  • Monitor - Looking something like a television, the monitor of a PC (Personal Computer) displays information, picures etc. Usually ranging in size from 14 inches to 20 inches, monitors are the size of a small television, unless they are TFT in shich case they are very slim - great for saving space on your desk or computer workstation.
  • CDROM - A CDROM is the typical wat to get programs, games, and information into a computer, If your new computer system has a DVD then you will be able to watch DVD films on the computer (cables can be purchased to have the output and sound through your TV screen). To copy information out of your computer, maybe your pictures, music, or your important data files your system will need to have a CD writer which can come in one of three formats
    • CD-R - which enables you to read and write CD's once to each disk
    • CD-RW - as above but also enables you to write to re-writeable CD's
    • DVD+RW - as both above but also enables you to write in DVD format
  • Operating System - Typically Windows XP, this is the basis of your computing experience and usually comes pre-installed on your computer. If your system does not come with a licence for Windows XP you will need to purchase it so check what is included in your package.

We recommend two online computer suppliers, both well known in the UK ...

Buy a computer from PC World

A very much trusted high-street computer store throughout the UK PC World have a great online store where you can select exactly the system you require.

For the PC World website to open in a new window so you can refer back to this page, click here. To open it in this window click here

buy a computer from pc world

Buy a computer from Dell

Another great PC supplier, Dell is a well-respected worldwide manufacturer.

For the Dell website to open in a new window so you can refer back to this page, click here. To open it in this window click here

buy a computer from dell
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