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There are two ways of advertising with Presents & Gifts UK;

1) Request an advertising rate with us by email to advertise presents on our site based on the number and type of links, their prominemce within pages and the length of time the advertisements are required. Click here.

2) Join our recommended Affiliate Program (which is from where most of the links on this site originate) paying them a fee that will then enable thousands of sites throughout the UK/world to provide free link to your site and receive commission, either lead-based or sale-based in return.

UK presents and Gifts recommended affiliate marketing program

We recommend you should follow this link for UK presents and gifts advertising and affiliate marketing. The Company is "AffiliateWindow" and they have a great deal of experience in this marketplace. They are UK-based and will be able to advise you on the best way to move forward. Please mention this site in any correspondence regarding this matter. Thanks.

Good luck, and thanks again for visiting Presents & Gifts (UK).

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